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API Documentation / RouteRecordNormalized

Interface: RouteRecordNormalized

Normalized version of a route record.




aliasOf: undefined | RouteRecordNormalized

Defines if this record is the alias of another one. This property is undefined if the record is the original one.


beforeEnter: undefined | NavigationGuardWithThis<undefined> | NavigationGuardWithThis<undefined>[]

Registered beforeEnter guards


children: RouteRecordRaw[]

Nested route records.


components: undefined | null | Record<string, RawRouteComponent>

Components to display when the URL matches this route. Allow using named views.


instances: Record<string, undefined | null | ComponentPublicInstance>

Mounted route component instances Having the instances on the record mean beforeRouteUpdate and beforeRouteLeave guards can only be invoked with the latest mounted app instance if there are multiple application instances rendering the same view, basically duplicating the content on the page, which shouldn't happen in practice. It will work if multiple apps are rendering different named views.


meta: RouteMeta

Arbitrary data attached to the record.


name: undefined | RouteRecordName

Name for the route record. Must be unique.


path: string

Path of the record. Should start with / unless the record is the child of another record.


props: Record<string, _RouteRecordProps>

Allow passing down params as props to the component rendered by router-view. Should be an object with the same keys as components or a boolean to be applied to every component.


redirect: undefined | RouteRecordRedirectOption

Where to redirect if the route is directly matched. The redirection happens before any navigation guard and triggers a new navigation with the new target location.

Released under the MIT License.