Router Instance


  • type: Vue instance

    The root Vue instance the router was injected into.


  • type: string

    The mode the router is using.



  • router.beforeEach(guard)
  • router.afterEach(hook)

    Add global navigation guards. See Navigation Guards.

  • router.push(location)
  • router.replace(location)
  • router.go(n)
  • router.back()
  • router.forward()

    Programmatically navigate to a new URL. See Programmatic Navigation.

  • router.getMatchedComponents(location?)

    Returns an Array of the components (definition/constructor, not instances) matched by the provided location or the current route. This is mostly used during server-side rendering to perform data prefetching.

  • router.resolve(location, current?, append?)


    Reverse URL resolving. Given location in form same as used in <router-link/>, returns object with the following resolved properties:

      normalizedTo: Location;
      resolved: Route;
      href: string;

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