Router Construction Options


  • type: Array<RouteConfig>

    Type declaration for RouteConfig:

    declare type RouteConfig = {
      path: string;
      component?: Component;
      name?: string; // for named routes
      components?: { [name: string]: Component }; // for named views
      redirect?: string | Location | Function;
      props?: boolean | string | Function;
      alias?: string | Array<string>;
      children?: Array<RouteConfig>; // for nested routes
      beforeEnter?: (to: Route, from: Route, next: Function) => void;
      meta?: any;
      // 2.6.0+
      caseSensitive?: boolean; // use case sensitive match? (default: false)
      pathToRegexpOptions?: Object; // path-to-regexp options for compiling regex


  • type: string

  • default: "hash" (in browser) | "abstract" (in Node.js)

  • available values: "hash" | "history" | "abstract"

    Configure the router mode.

    • hash: uses the URL hash for routing. Works in all Vue-supported browsers, including those that do not support HTML5 History API.

    • history: requires HTML5 History API and server config. See HTML5 History Mode.

    • abstract: works in all JavaScript environments, e.g. server-side with Node.js. The router will automatically be forced into this mode if no browser API is present.


  • type: string

  • default: "/"

    The base URL of the app. For example, if the entire single page application is served under /app/, then base should use the value "/app/".


  • type: string

  • default: "router-link-active"

    Globally configure <router-link> default active class. Also see router-link.



  • type: string

  • default: "router-link-exact-active"

    Globally configure <router-link> default active class for exact matches. Also see router-link.


  • type: Function


    type PositionDescriptor =
      { x: number, y: number } |
      { selector: string } |
    type scrollBehaviorHandler = (
      to: Route,
      from: Route,
      savedPosition?: { x: number, y: number }
    ) => PositionDescriptor | Promise<PositionDescriptor>

    For more details see Scroll Behavior.

parseQuery / stringifyQuery


  • type: Function

    Provide custom query string parse / stringify functions. Overrides the default.



  • type: boolean

    Controls whether the router should fallback to hash mode when the browser does not support history.pushState. Defaults to true.

    Setting this to false essentially makes every router-link navigation a full page refresh in IE9. This is useful when the app is server-rendered and needs to work in IE9, because a hash mode URL does not work with SSR.

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